7” Tree Cake (Šakotis/Raguolis)

7” Tree Cake (Šakotis/Raguolis)

  • Our most popular and "famous" sweet treat!
  • Hand-made from scratch and baked for several hours on a rotating spit Authentic dessert commonly purchased for party gifts, weddings, and birthday cakes
  • 7” tall SERVES: 6-12 people


  • *DECORATIONS: Can be decorated with chocolate drizzle or edible flowers To discuss further decorating options, please call us for more information
  • *PLEASE PURCHASE ŠAKOTIS IN A SEPARATE TRANSACTION: Based on shape and size, Šakotis is very delicate to handle and needs special shipping attention If you are buying MORE than one Šakotis, please check out separately

    Lina: 973-722-9733 / Andrius: 973-615-9739

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